12/30/20: redid navigation buttons on sidebar and worked on homepage.
12/17/20: started redoing home page.
12/16/20: redid portal page.
12/15/20: replaced dead hotlinked button imgs.
12/08/20: updated topster imgs on music and film pages.
07/09/20: customs cursors everywhere !!! + changed about me page.
07/08/20: made Machine Girl shrine.
07/07/20: changed layout for most pages + some backgrounds/autoplay music.
06/10/20: added the PPVs I've seen and my current watchlist to the wrestling page.
06/10/20: added survey page to about me.
06/08/20: made lyrics/buttons pages, added map widget, + moved some stuff around.
06/08/20: redid music/favs pages' album displays + added blinkies to homepage.
06/03/20: redid homepage layout.
06/01/20: began translating pages to Japanese because I was bored...
05/31/20: finished wrestling page.
05/29/20: made wrestling page.
05/27/20: new font.
05/10/20: added fun fact generator to about me section.
05/10/20: added writing to reviews page (finally).
05/09/20: updated all themed pages + changed music/favs pages.
05/08/20: did some repositioning stuff/marquee.
05/07/20: made y2k & emo themes + themed music/favs pages.
05/06/20: added entrance.
04/26/20: finished music page + updated favs.
04/20/20: added link page + changed favs.
04/18/20: added new links + changed abt me.
04/06/20: added playlist widget/guestbook.
03/31/20: redesign after fleshing out most pages.
03/21/20: INCEPTION!

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