Black Trans Lives Matter

Asian-American Community resources/dono post

Stop AAPI Hate/report

Anti-Asian Violence resources

International suicide hotlines

LGBTQ+ masterlist carrd

Archives/Old Web Resources

the 90s button

American Radio History -- an archive of a ton of retro radio magazines. I for one like looking through their old issues of Billboard, but the rest is pretty disinteresting if you aren't into broadcasting stuff.

Archive.org & the Magazine Rack

Cameron's World

Gifcities -- Archive.org-aligned old web gif resource.

Heaven's Gate -- their 1997 VHS can be found here.

Horror Gif Necronomicon

Kino Library -- a collection of vintage stock footage/home video.

Oocities -- Geocities archive (RIP)

Other Websites


Blair Witch Project (1999)

CM Punk's LiveJournal (2002-05) and Website (2002) & (2004-5)

Eddie Murphy & Michael Jackson - Whatszupwitu (Music Video) shout out stephen

Enchanted Websites

LHOHQ (Laughing Horse's Orifice Headquarters) -- FLASH WARNING

Grotto.faith websites: Bornless, Crypt, Solomon


Jurassic Systems


Limp Bizkit sucks

Original Matrix website (1999)

Petra Cortright's website

Piero Scaruffi's Top 100 Rock Albums (1995)

Plunderphonics -- super interesting musical project by John Oswald

Metalsludge Penis Chart

Rainbow Bridge

Rob's Pogostick page

S4LEM Website

Sam Manzie's Smashing Pumpkins fansite

the SexyMax2019 ARG Neocities site

Sol Pais' Neocities site

Vincent Gallo's Website


Wrestling Fansites -- Chris Jericho (2000), Edge & Christian (2000), Hardy Boyz (2000), Shawn Michaels (1999), WWE Roleplay (2002), Wrestling Trading Cards (2001)


Sematary for Underground Underdogs ('20)

SALEM King Night ('10)

PunkGlobe: Lucifer Valentine interview ('08?) -- WARNING: abuse, vomit, other disgusting things so do NOT click if you are squeamish

Ebert on Gallo ('03)

Gerrymandering: an Interview with Gus Van Sant ('03)

Silent Hill interview ('99)

De Niro profile ('93)


Tasty Pastry Party

Club Penguin Rewritten


Journey of Wrestling


Pretend You're XYZZY


Buffalo '66 Screenplay Draft

Harmony Korine's TikTok

MTV Asia - Daria

Windows '93

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WWE - Jeffrey Nero Hardy Aka Jeff Hardy