Archives/Old Web Resources

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American Radio History -- an archive of a ton of retro radio magazines. I for one like looking through their old issues of Billboard, but the rest is pretty disinteresting if you aren't into broadcasting stuff.

Archive.org & the Magazine Rack

Cameron's World

Gifcities -- Archive.org-aligned old web gif resource.

Heaven's Gate -- their 1997 VHS can be found here.

Horror Gif Necronomicon

Kino Library -- a collection of vintage stock footage/home video.

Oocities -- Geocities archive (RIP)

Other Websites

Sites that are either from the old web or retain that aesthetic.

Blair Witch Project (1999)

CM Punk's LiveJournal (2002-05) and Website (2002) & (2004-5)

Eddie Murphy & Michael Jackson - Whatszupwitu (Music Video) -- awesome editing and banger song [courtesy of Stephen]

LHOHQ (Laughing Horse's Orifice Headquarters) -- FLASH WARNING; weird deep-dive ARG(?) thing? Cool and wacky.

Neil Cicierega -- awesome mashup projects / original music, skits, other silly shit centered around 80s-00s pop culture

Petra Cortright's website

Piero Scaruffi's Top 100 Rock Albums (1995)

Plunderphonics -- super interesting musical project by John Oswald.

Metalsludge Penis Chart -- an old gossip board made by groupies discussing metal/alt musicians' penis lengths

Rainbow Bridge - place to make digital memorials for dead pets.

S4LEM Website

Sam Manzie's Smashing Pumpkins fansite

the SexyMax2019 ARG Neocities site

Sol Pais' Neocities site

Vincent Gallo's Website

WaxWeb -- website of David Blair for his film Wax or the Discovery of Television Among the Bees; I linked an Archive copy because, although the website had been preserved in its beautiful early 90s glory for many years, he updated the format two years ago ( sad face ). Heavily recommend the film too!

Wrestling Fansites -- Chris Jericho (2000), Edge & Christian (2000), Hardy Boyz (2000), Shawn Michaels (1999), WWE Roleplay (2002), Wrestling Trading Cards (2001)


Interviews/profiles on people & stuff that I like from the period this site is centered around.

PunkGlobe: Lucifer Valentine interview ('08?) -- WARNING: abuse, vomit, other disgusting things so don't click if you're squeamish. Interview with the notorious director of the Vomit Gore trilogy; love the site design though.

Ebert on Gallo ('03) -- Roger Ebert being a funny piss baby after watching Brown Bunny.

Gerrymandering: an Interview with Gus Van Sant ('03) -- interview with Gus Van Sant on his film Gerry.

Silent Hill interview ('99) -- interview with Keiichiro Toyama on the first Silent Hill game.

Revenge of the Weezer Nerds ('94) -- interview with Matt Sharp and Pat Wilson after the release of Blue.

Tarantino v. Stone ('94) -- stupid little profile on the Tarantino/Stone screenplay rivalry during production of Natural Born Killers.

De Niro profile ('93) -- interview with Scorsese/profile on De Niro after the release of a Bronx Tale.


Stuff I play in the meantime :)

Club Penguin Rewritten -- fan remake of Club Penguin after it got shut down

Fake FNAF -- a shitty free Five Nights at Freddy's fan remake and hat I play instead of the real game because I'm poor.

Journey of Wrestling -- awesome lil fantasy wrestling booking game made by nL, these youtubers who do WWE games and stuff.

MovieStarPlanet -- the original baddie website.

Pretend You're XYZZY -- online Cards Against Humanity!


Buffalo '66 Screenplay Draft

Harmony Korine's TikTok -- you read that right. Have fun.

MEGA link waitlist -- stuff I'm planning on transferring to MEGA when space opens up.

MTV Asia - Daria -- where I watch episodes of Daria :)

Windows '93 -- cool little aesthetic thing that's fun to mess around on.

WWE - Jeffrey Nero Hardy Aka Jeff Hardy