Undisputed Era: Roderick Strong, Adam Cole, Bobby Fish, & Kyle O'Reilly (L-R)

The UE is by far my favorite faction of any kind. I love every single member so so much! The chemistry that these guys have is absolutely unmatched and the fact that the original three (Adam, Bobby, and Kyle) were all in Ring of Honor together is just so awesome. Bobby and Kyle's old tag-team ReDRagon in ROH is the first team in history to hold titles in WWE, NJPW, and ROH and that makes me so happy for them. In NXT I'm absolutely loving these guys' domination over the tag division. They all have such charisma that extends beyond working as a group and I love seeing any of them on screen whether solo or together. Kyle is my favorite member, though I do love them all very much, but I just adore the little air guitar he does with the belt in his entrance. UE forever baybay < 3

Their birthdays are July 26th (Leo), July 5th (Cancer), October 27th (Scorpio), and March 1st (Pisces), respectively.

Signature moves: Chasing the Dragon (vertical suplex lift by Kyle, roundhouse kick to the opponent's back by Bobby, brainbuster by Kyle), Total Elimination / High/Low (Legsweep [Kyle] / Flying Fish Hook [Bobby] or Sick Kick / Sitout Clothesline (Roddy) combination)


Johnny 'Wrestling' Gargano

I love Johnny Gargano! I have genuinely cried over this man at least three times during PPVs because of how much the Ciampa/Gargano rivalry moved me. Whether it was happiness, despair, you name it, I have cried while watching two half naked men throw each other around just because Gargano was one of them. Him and his wife Candice LeRae are like these two rays of sunshine and whenever I see them I'm like ^-^!! Johnny is such an awesome wrestler and no matter how many times I see him fight stinky old Ciampa it never gets old. He's a true friend always and that's part of why the rivalry hurts me so bad. Anyways I love him very much period.

His birthday is August 14th (a Leo).

Signature moves: Lawn Dart, Crosston Crab (Cross-legged Boston crab), Garga-No-Escape (chickenwing over the shoulder crossface), swinging reverse STO, double knee strike, double knee backbreaker.


Aleister Black aka Tom Budgen

Aleister was one of my favorites from the first match I saw him in. The way he's able to deliver such focused and powerful blows while remaining graceful(?) enough to do flips and MMA kicks ... he's just such a badass! When he lands in the cross-legged position I'm always like 0_0 because it's so awesome and never gets old. Watching him is always a new experience and his matches are rarely boring. Not to mention his tattoos, holy crap! I love his body art and how it sets him apart from other tattooed wrestlers ( except CM Punk ) who usually just have tribal ones or a giant fugly sword a la Brock Lesnar. I luv luv luv Aleister and him and his wife Zelina Vega's youtube channel is genuinely so sweet and awesome. I would defend this man with my life, period.

His birthday is May 19th (a Taurus).

Signature moves: Black Mass, brainbuster, discus knee strike, deadlift German suplex, springboard moonsault.


Kenny Omega aka Tyson Smith

Of the NJPW stuff I've seen, Kenny is one of my favorites. His work in Bullet Club as the 'Cleaner' and with Kota Ibushi as the Golden Lovers is all just so incredible. He turns these shows into an anime and his personality is just absolutely unmatched whether he's playing a heel or a face. I watched a documentary (Omega Man) about him and I just admire his absolute love for wrestling so much. The way he incorporates other things he likes like anime and videogames into his persona and demeanor is so awesome and his presence is so wonderful to see both in and outside the ring. Also that clip of him wrestling a 9-year-old is the funniest thing ever. ALSO he dressed as Sans in an entrance.

His birthday is October 16th (a total Libra).

Signature moves: Croyt's Wrath, Katayoku no Tenshi / One-Winged Angel (one-handed electric chair driver), Aoi Shoudou (cross-legged fisherman buster), dragon suplex

[with Kota Ibushi] Golden Shower (simultaneous 450 splashes from the same turnbuckle).


Kairi Sane aka Kaori Housako

I absolutely love Kairi so damn much. Her pirate character is one of the best 'gimmicks' I've ever seen, it fits her personality and zeal so well. Any event is instantly improved by her presence; she's genuinely always so happy and in good spirits and she has an unbridled confidence that's so adorable and lovable. She's the cutest person ever and her insane elbow is literally one of my favorite moves ever (funny how three of my favs do an elbow drop ,,). Her and Asuka as a tag-team is the best thing ever and I'm really sad that she left WWE recently to be with her husband but all that matters in life is her happiness to be honest. Stan her for clear skin!!!

Her birthday is September 23rd (a Libra!).

Signature moves: Insane Elbow, Anchor, 4173 (bridging Gedo clutch), double leg slam, spear.


Edge aka Adam Joseph Copeland & Christian aka William Jason Reso

Edge and Christian are one of the most iconic tag-teams in history for a reason. For me, they're the epitome of charismatic 90s cool dudes. The fact that they're childhood friends and as close as brothers makes me love them even more, it's such a touching special relationship. I also love them both as solo wrestlers! Edge's heel turn and overall level of popularity in the mid-2000s was so awesome for me because I love his wrestling style and personality, whether it's on the mic or just his overall demeanor. But under his wrestling persona I know he's such a sweet and genuine person with a love for his craft and that makes me so happy. And Christian! I miss Christian, he's been gone for a while at that point where I am. I've seen some of the Edge & Christian Show (That Totally Reeks of Awesomeness) and I literally love it unironically? Like they're both so funny and charismatic and I love seeing them together. Definitely two of my all-time favorite wrestlers.

Edge's birthday is October 30th (another Scorpio) and Christian's is November 30th (a Sagittarius).

Signature moves: Con-chair-to, double flapjack, double spear.
[Edge only]: Edge-o-matic (impaler DDT), spear. [Christian only]: Killswitch, frog splash.


'Hardy Boyz' Jeff & Matt Hardy

Matt and Jeff are so passionate about wrestling and knowing how happy it makes them even after going through all the shit with their drug addictions and everything, I love them. They're also absolute fucking icons of the early 2000s! Jeff Hardy is one of the most iconic portrayals of late 90s mallgoth fashion and I absolutely adore it, seeing as that's one of the aesthetics that inspired me to make this site. The Boyz' match with Edge & Christian/the Dudleys at Mania X-7 is one of my all-time favorites. I also absoltely love everything that Matt and Jeff did with the 'broken' thing at Impact wrestling, it's fucking hilarious and I just love it so much because it shows their absolute love for what they do and how much fun they have messing around as brothers. Their entire persona and moveset is awesome and they're total favs both together and apart : )

Jeff's birthday is August 31st (a Virgo). Matt's is September 23rd (a Libra like meee).

Signature moves: Event Omega (diving guillotine leg drop [Matt] / diving splash [Jeff]), Poetry in Motion, Rapture, Spin Cycle
[Jeff only]: Swanton Bomb, Extreme Twist of Fate (inverted facelock neckbreaker slam).
[Matt only:] Twist of Fate, Ice Pick (double underhook w/ bodyscissors).


Chris 'Y2J' Jeircho aka Christopher Keith Irvine

Jericho is another one of my favorites! Y2J's character is so awesome to me. He can be an asshole at times (GBA 2008, sheesh), but he's funny and an incredible wrestler so it's balanced ( lol ). Sometimes I myself enjoy calling him an ass clown. But seeing his entrance video start up always makes me say 'let's go!' because it's instantly recognizable and I know it means a good match is coming up. He has some of the most undeniably iconic promos and his work on the mic has always been amazing, which is a common theme among my favorites haha. As time goes on I kinda like him less but he's been around for so long and I loved him from so early on that he's still one of my favorites. Stan his band Fozzy and the Talk with Jericho Podcast tbh.

His birthday is November 9th (a Scorpio; apparently a lot of my favs are water signs. Who knew?)

Signature moves: Walls of Jericho, Lionsault, Codebreaker, Liontamer, Breakdown.

Rob Van Dam aka Rob Szatkowski

A former-ECW superstar, RVD is genuinely one of the most awesome dudes in wrestling. Unlike some of the guys on here like Jericho or Christian (still my babies, don't get me wrong), RVD is never annoying or a dick to people! Not to mention the fact that he's a stoner and not afraid to show it. What a king. The fact that he based his entire persona off looking like Jean Claude Van Damme, learned all the martial arts skills, and practices them expertly in his moveset makes him one of the most unique and badass wrestlers out there. Watching him fight is so exciting, and he embodies the type of fast-moving technically skilled wrestlers that I love.

His birthday is December 18th (a Capricorn, like my moon).

Signature moves: Van Daminator, five-star frog splash, rolling thunder, monkey flip, chair surf.


Rey Mysterio aka Oscar Gutierrez

Rey-rey is a luchador king! A lot of my favorite wrestling moves are crazy leg stuff and when they fly around and that's exactly what Rey does. His matches are always so fast-paced and engaging; something is always happening and I love rooting for him. Cruiserweight fighters overall are some of my favorites because they can do like, frog splashes and frankensteiners and all that crap so easily. It's awesome! Besides being a talented king, Rey's interactions with fans always brighten my day. It's so obvious that he loves what he does so much just like his late best friend Eddie Guerrero did. Also, the mask is iconic and I love it. Cultural reset.

His birthday is December 11th (also a Capricorn!).

Signature moves: 6-1-9, Mysterio-rana (often a counter to a powerbomb), rolling roundhouse kick, springboard crossbody, headscissor takedown.


'Latino Heat' Eddie Guerrero aka Eduardo Gory Guerrero Llanes

Eddie (rest in peace) was one of the best wrestlers to come out of the ECW. Seeing his rapid-fire fighting style is always so impressive and he's always a joy to see on-screen in general! Latino Heat is definitely one of the most renowned wrestlers today and he's so deserving of it. He inspired so many young wrestlers to become who they are today. Seeing the reactions of his close friends Rey Mysterio and Chris Benoit as well as several others following his death is so heartbreaking to me. He touched so many people's lives with his genuine love for what he did and I miss him.

His birthday was October 9th (another Libra king).

Signature moves: Frog splash, Hilo, Gory special, Lasso from El Paso, Three Amigos.


WWE - Jeffrey Nero Hardy Aka Jeff Hardy